Pakistan’s women’s football team creates history in the SAFF Championship which in Kathmandu, Nepal. In that tournament, they registered their first win in eight years when they beat Maldives. Their win has been hailed back in the country. However, a Pakistani journalist brought embarrassment to the country when he asked a question during the team’s press conference. The journalist’s question was disrespectful towards the footballers. His question was directed towards the clothing of the female footballers.  

The journo complained that Pakistan is an Islamic country but the female footballers who represrnt Pakistan are wearing shorts and not leggings which is against the religious protocols. 

“As you know we belong to the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, which is an Islamic country, I want to ask why these girls are wearing shorts, not leggings,” asked the journalist. This question irked a strong response from those who were in attendance.

Adeel Rizki, the head coach of the Pakistan women’s football team, was shocked to listen to this question like many others. He then replied to the question and said that clothing choice is something that the governing body never controls.

“We understand that we are an Islamic nation and that our values are very strong. Then again, it is important to be progressive in sports. In terms of the uniform, that’s something that is not in our control,” he said,” said Rizki. 

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Comments like these should be confronted and criticised as such views are not welcomed for women in any field, not just in sports. Women, or for that matter anyone, have every right to choose the uniform. Sometimes, because some athletes want to follow religious protocols, they wear hijab, turban etc and the world bodies do allow them. This is exactly what Rizki said. When he said , we don’t control the clothing, he meant that the individual has every right to choose what they want to wear and that the Pakistan football body has control over their choice.

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