The Internet allows random netizens to pass a quick judgment and shame celebrities with inappropriate comments. This week, Suhana Khan and Ranbir Kapoor were on the troll target, due to their recent appearances. ‘Drunk’ seemed to be the operative word for trollers who thronged to the comments section on Ranbir and Suhana’s recent videos. Sure, Ranveer Singh may have jokingly mentioned on Karan Johar’s recent Koffee With Karan episode that Ranbir is probably most likely to get papped while he’s drunk, but that is a comment made in jest. And should not be the thumb rule to judge a celeb who’s just being casually fashionable. Nevertheless, you can’t always expect vitriolic fans to take the logical route. It’s probably against their DNA. Take a look at the jabs Ranbir and Suhana faced and our response to them:

“y does he always look drunk ??”


It is amusing that you cannot differentiate between being tired and being drunk. Proclaiming that Ranbir is ‘always drunk’ is being ignorant and reeks of callous behaviour. Give him a break! Ranbir Kapoor could well just be tired and in all his senses, instead of posing drunk in broad daylight for a bevy of paps.

“Mask kaise hatayegi… pee ke tight hai poori”


If at all she was ‘pee ke tight’ as you claim, Suhana wouldn’t have been able to walk straight, as she did. And need we remind you that dangers of COVID haven’t yet disappeared and wearing a mask in public is still the most responsible thing to do. It’s deplorable that you’ve disregarded all logic in a bid to be mean.

“She is so drunk”


Why would a budding actress harm her reputation by making a drunk public appearance even before her debut is out? How about we apply some common sense here instead of blindly jumping on to the gossip bandwagon?

“Flop King”


Are you sure ‘Barfi’, ‘Raajneeti’, ‘Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani’, ‘Sanju’ were flops? Highlighting a celebrated actor’s career with his failures is shows nothing but hatred. Everyone has to face flaws and failures, why not embrace them with positiveity rather than blatantly poking at them. Besides, every actor has to field flops in their career.

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