National Award-winning singer Rupankar Bagchi, on the music legend’s birth anniversary today, believes Kishore Kumar symbolizes an ocean of music.

“I feel Kishore Kumar is one personality who will remain with us forever through his music and acting. He is omnipresent. When people ask me about my one regret in life, I tell them, it’s not meeting Kishore Kumar once. If there are two versions of a song, people would click on Kishore Kumar’s version. He has that magic! His deep vocal quality is something every singer would try to achieve in life.

The renowned singer further adds: “At any event or function, people, ask me to sing Kishoreda’s songs and I do. But I will not dare to sing Shing nei tobu naam tar singha, as it is a difficult number where he has acted through the song.”

Even after more than two decades after the demise of Kishore Kumar, we keep discovering newer facets about the legendary actor-singer. His songs are evergreen and that’s why they became the love syllabi for an entire nation. Also, where would you find an artiste who had ruled the industry as a producer, director, writer, lyricist, composer, singer and actor all rolled into one?

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