Alia Bhatt has penned a fiery post in response to certain reports about her pregnancy announcement. A news portal claimed that dad-to-be Ranbir Kapoor will fly out to London to fetch Alia after she wraps her shoot there. Moreover, it also stated that Alia Bhatt has planned her pregnancy in such a way that her film commitments are not affected.


Reacting to the claims, Alia penned on Instagram, “Meanwhile we still live in some people’s heads we still love in some patriarchal world…fyi. Nothing has gotten delayed!!!! No one needs to PICK anyone up, I am a woman not a parcel!!!! I do not need to REST at all but good to know you’ll have a doctor’s certification as well. This is 2022. Can we please get out of this archaic way of thinking! Now if you would excuse me…my shot is ready.” Alia Bhatt is currently shooting for her Hollywood debut film, ‘Heart of Stone’, wherein she shared the frame with Gal Gadot.

Previously, Alia Bhatt had shared an unseen picture with Ranbir Kapoor, thanking everyone for the congratulatory messages she received after her pregnancy announcement post. “Overwhelmed with all the love! Have tried to read everyone’s messages and good wishes and all I want to say is, it truly feels so special to celebrate such a big moment in our lives with all your love and blessings! Thank you to everyone single one of you.”

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