Policeman Collapses During Queen's Funeral, Taken Away On Stretcher

Queen Elizabeth funeral: The policeman is being carried on the stretcher.

A policeman on duty during Queen Elizabeth’s funeral fainted and had to be carried away on stretcher, according to a report in Evening Standard. The police officer was carried away by Royal Navy personnel and some of the colleagues from the force. His current condition is unknown, but is not thought to be serious, the outlet further said. The Queen’s funeral took place at the Westminster Abbey on Monday, which was joined by King Charles III, his sons William and Harry and other senior royals.

Queen Elizabeth II Funeral Live Updates

The police officer collapsed in the morning, before the procession started on the streets of central London, Evening Standard said.

The New York Post said that the guard was seen swaying before he finally collapsed. 

Thousands of people lined up on the streets of the city to witness a ceremony attended by leaders and royalty from across the globe, who paid respects to Britain’s longest-reigning monarch.

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Her flag-draped casket was pulled on a gun carriage the short distance from Westminster Hall to the Abbey by 142 sailors with arms linked. A bell tolled and bagpipes skirled.

On September 14, a royal guard who was keeping vigil next to the Queen’s coffin while she was lying in state at Westminster Hall also collapsed.

The video circulating on social media showed the guard, dressed in a black uniform, at first appearing to stumble from his position on the catafalque, an elevated platform where the Queen’s coffin was placed.

He then swayed unsteadily, stepping off the platform for a moment, then getting back up and taking his place. The crowd audibly gasped when he abruptly fell forward and landed face-first on the ground a little while later.

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