Police In US Arrest Woman Who Stabbed Roommates Multiple Times And Then Went Out Shopping

The two unnamed roommates managed to survive the ordeal. (Representative Pic)

A woman in the United States was charged with attempted first-degree murder after she allegedly stabbed her roommates over a living arrangement issue, and then went shopping. 

The bizarre incident took place in Florida on Friday. According to Newsweek, the Marion County Sheriff’s Office received a call from a victim who claimed he and another person was stabbed by 30-year-old Christina Adams after they had asked her to stop living with them. 

Officials informed that they later found Ms Adams driving near the scene of the alleged crime. The 30-year-old initially denied the accusation during the interview with the cops, however, she later admitted that she stabbed her roommates until she believed they were dead. 

Luckily, the two unnamed individuals managed to survive the ordeal. But they still remain in critical condition. 

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As per local media outlet, WGNTV, Ms Adams claimed that after stabbing her roommates, she tried to destroy evidence of the attack, changed into new pair of clothes and then went out shopping. The police department located her while she was on her way back. 

The 30-year-old also explained that she began formulating a plan to kill her roommates after they first told her she would have to move out, roughly two months back. She also told the officials about her own mental state. She claimed that she belives herself to be a sociopath and to have an undiagnosed case of dissociative identity disorder. 

“These senseless acts of violence are shocking to all of us,” Sheriff Billy Wood said, as per the outlet. 

“I’m very proud of my deputies and detectives that worked so quickly to not only provide aid to the victims but, also to capture such an evil person and ensure that our streets are safe,” he added. 

Now, Ms Adams faces two counts of first-degree attempted murder and tampering with evidence and is being held at Marion County Jail without bond.

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