Watch: Pakistani Reporter Slammed Online For Asking 'Why Are Female Footballers Wearing Shorts?'

Pakistan had beaten Maldives by seven goals in the ongoing SAFF Championship. (File photo)

The 6th South Asian Football Federation Women’s Cup is taking place in Nepal with seven member teams participating in it. The tournament will conclude with its final match on September 19.

Despite winning this competition five times in a row, the Indian women’s team was eliminated from the SAFF Championship this year for the first time in the competition’s history.

However, Pakistan had secured one significant win in a league match, but things changed for the worst when they returned to their own country.

Pakistan defeated the Maldives with a score of seven goals in their last group stage match while competing in their first international event in eight years. 

The team appeared to be given the ideal send-off as they travelled back to Lahore with this, their biggest-ever victory.

Most people were complimentary of Pakistani women’s footballers, but a question at the post-game press conference stunned them.

Journalist Rafiq Khan from Lahore questioned head coach Adeel Rizki about why the females were playing in shorts rather than leggings.

The man said, roughly translated, “This is the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and you have been playing in shorts in Nepal. They could have worn leggings during the match. “

The coach, Mr. Adeel Rizki, responded, “One has to be progressive in sports,” appearing visibly surprised by the question.

As far as the uniform is concerned, “We have never tried to stop anyone, it’s something we don’t control,” he said.

Many people criticised the reporter for focusing on the players’ attire rather than their accomplishments.

On social media, the video prompted a discussion regarding the reporter’s line of inquiry.

Pakistani squash player Noorena Shams asked on Twitter that “Did the Islamic Republic of Pakistan’s journalists ever bothered to ask when money is stolen? When positions are exploited? When corruption is done? Why does all this boil down to the clothes of women? I wish they would be vocal about every wrong deed in our country. “

Many others, including RJ Anoushey Ashraf, came out in favour of the players and criticised the reporter for having a “regressive mindset.”

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