Alia Bhatt debuts as a producer with her latest release ‘Darlings’ but the film’s theme has irked netizens. The film narrates the story of a love marriage which involves violence. After Alia faces abuse in her marriage, she decides to tackle the domestic drama with the help of her mother, essayed by Shefali Shah.

Internet users are not happy with ‘Darlings’ promoting domestic violence against the men and have started trending #BoycottAliaBhatt on Twitter. “#boycottAliaBhatt Why is Domestic violence against men normalized and even worse mocked. 3.4 crore men in India face domestic violence . This is not acceptable,” wrote one netizen. Another user tweeted, “#BoycottAliaBhatt who believes it is Humorous to make movies of Domestic Violence on Men. #BoycottDarlings.”

Speaking on the subject of the ‘abusive relationship’ theme in ‘Darlings’, Alia had told ETimes, “It really pains me to know that there are so many people who are fearful and living their life alone. That’s the biggest fear for so many women. How will I do everything alone? It’s difficult to say how a woman should react to an abusive relationship. They should ideally separate themselves from it and I think that’s what we’re trying to say through the film. You have your own identity, you have your own needs and what tends to happen in our society is that we are taught to put our partner’s needs before us. This is a representation of an abusive relationship between a man and wife, two life partners. But sometimes it can happen in other dynamics as well. Violence of any kind, when inflicted on an individual is not okay, it’s not permissible.”

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