Indian-American Entrepreneur Wins Democratic Primary In Michigan

Shri Thanedar, 67, won the Democratic primary in the 13th Congressional district of Michigan.

New York:

An Indian-American self-made entrepreneur has won the Democratic primary in Michigan, with community organisations terming it as a “historic first for the South Asian community. Shri Thanedar, 67, won the Democratic primary in the 13th Congressional district of Michigan.

The Detroit Free Press reported that Mr Thanedar, “who has been representing a state House district in Detroit for two years”, won the “likely-decisive Democratic primary in the open 13th Congressional District seat anchored in Detroit as his main opponents, state Senator Adam Hollier and Focus: HOPE CEO Portia Roberson, conceded the race.”

It reported Wednesday that with 99 per cent of the vote counted, Mr Thanedar, “who poured millions of his own money into the race, led with 28 per cent, compared to 23.5 per cent for Mr Hollier and 17 per cent for Focus: HOPE CEO Portia Roberson in the newly drawn 13th Congressional District.” It said Mr Thanedar led Mr Hollier by about 3,800 votes- 22,302 to 18,513- and was well ahead of the other candidates in the nine-person field, according to unofficial results.

“In November, he will face Republican Martell Bivings, who has worked as a liaison with the Detroit Economic Growth Corporation and ran unopposed in the Republican primary. But in this solidly Democratic-leaning district, Mr Thanedar is considered almost certain to win,” the media report said.

Indian American Impact, an organisation that focuses on the Indian American and South Asian community, said that despite SuperPACs spending over USD 6.5 million in an unprecedented financial push to keep Mr Thanedar off the November ballot, he and his campaign manager- former Indian American Impact political director, Linto Thomas- were successful in securing Mr Thanedar’s victory over the Detroit area.

It said Mr Thanedar’s victory is one of many to come for AAPI candidates campaigning nationwide to bolster support and representation for their community.

Neil Makhija, Indian American Impact Executive Director, said that Mr Thanedar’s primary win is a “historic first for the South Asian community.” Mr Makhija congratulated Mr Thanedar and his campaign manager Thomas, for executing a powerful campaign and moving forward his candidacy for Congressman in Detroit, Michigan.

“As a politically underrepresented and under-engaged community, Indian Americans nationwide are celebrating Shri’s victory. Every seemingly small win throughout the country establishes immeasurable progress in our battle to expand Indian American representation within our elected government,” the organisation said.

“What happens in primaries over the course of this year matters, and the work we do to elect politicians that look and think like us creates the foundation necessary for our community to participate in conversations we’ve been excluded from for far too long,” it added.

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