The first National Credit Framework (NCrF), which incorporates credits acquired via school education, higher education, and vocational and skill education, was recently released in draft form by the union ministry of education. Dharmendra Pradhan, the union education minister, recently has asked for comments and suggestions regarding the draft National Credit Framework (NCrF).

The National Credit Framework serves as a general framework for skilling, re-skilling, up-skilling, accreditation, and evaluation in educational institutions, Similar to higher education, NCrF will allow school students to earn credits from both academic and extracurricular activities, which will be saved in the Academic Bank of Credit (ABC).

Credits will be awarded based on learning hours from the fifth grade to the PhD level, according to the draft. At this time, 30 total learning hours per credit are being considered. By 2025 the policy claims that at least 50 per cent of students in the school and higher education systems would have access to vocational training. Additionally, NCrF will make it possible for students who have left the system of traditional education to rejoin it.

“National Credit Framework will integrate education and skilling at all levels, enhance economic convertibility of education and empower all. Do submit your feedback and observations on the draft NCrF here,” read Pradhan’s tweet.

“The framework will create new possibilities for lifelong learning and skilling. It will boost per capita productivity, empower all and lay a strong foundation for India to lead this century,” Pradhan said.

The University Grants Commission, the All India Council for Technical Education, NCERT, the Directorate General of Training, the National Institute of Open Schooling, CBSE, the National Council for Vocational Education and Training, the Ministry of Education (MoE), and the Ministry of Skill Development have all collaborated to develop the NCrF. A high-level group had been formed last year with MoE approval to create a National Credit Accumulation and Transfer Framework for both general and vocational education.

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