Doctors In Turkey Remove 233 Coins, Batteries And Screws From Man's Stomach: Report

It is not clear how these pieces reached the young mans stomach. (Unsplash/Representative)

Doctors in Turkey were left baffled after finding hundreds of coins, nails, batteries and shards of glass inside a man’s stomach. 

According to Gulf Today, the 35-year-old man, whose details were not revealed, was taken to the hospital after he complained about abdominal pain. When the doctors performed endoscopy using ultrasound and X-rays, they were amazed to discover 233 items in the man’s stomach. 

The items included lira coins, batteries, magnets, screws and pieces of glass. Surgeons later removed the items from the patient’s stomach. 

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As per the outlet, one of the surgeons, Dr Benici, said, “During the surgery, we saw that one or two of the nails had passed through the stomach wall. We saw that there were two metal pieces and two stones of different sizes in the large intestine.”

Further, Dr Benici went on to say that the team found batteries, magnets, nails, coins, pieces of glass and screws. “We cleaned his stomach completely,” the surgeon added. 

Doctors said that this is not a situation they usually see in adults. According to them, unintentional ingestion of foreign objects usually occurs in childhood or in psychiatric patients, prisoners or abuse cases in the adult age group. 

It is not clear when the operation took place. The reports also did not reveal how these pieces reached the young man’s stomach. 

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Meanwhile, in another baffling instance, a university student in the UK was completely stunned when she went to the toilet before a night out, but then gave birth. 20-year-old Jess Davis had no idea she was pregnant and assumed that her abdominal pain was due to her periods. She had no obvious pregnancy symptoms and did not have a baby bump. 

Now, the 20-year-old is getting used to motherhood after welcoming her son into the world on June 11. The new mother said, “When he was born it was the biggest shock of my life – I thought I was dreaming at first”. 

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