Tulika Maan was very close to history when she met Scotland’s Sarah Aglinton in the 78+kg final for the gold medal in judo. But it was not written in her fate she lost the final and with it the gold medal. Aglinton who scored an IPPON in the dying seconds of the match ent away with the gold. And Tulika suffered the match with a couple of early shidos right at the start of the match. Tulika was in tears as she hugged her opponent but she must know she has made the country proud by her achievement as a silver medal finish is a big thing too. 

Who is Tulika Maan

Indian judoka Tulika Maan is multiple gold medallist in senior national in India. Maan is also junior national silver medallist in India. SInce 2019 Tulika competes in the IJF World Tour. She won bronze at the Asian Open in Taipei. In 2018 she won the Commonwealth Championships in Jaipur. She debuted at the 2017 World Championships in Budapest and competed at the Worlds in Tokyo. In 2019 she became Commonwealth Champion in Walsall. She is coached by Sharma Jiwan Kumar.

Her achievements: Gold Medal at South Asian Games,2019, Gold Medal at Commonwealth Championship, 2019. 

The CWG silver medallist was never interested in studies and told her mother after she passed the class 10th exams that this was not her calling She started to focus on her judo from there and continued to win medals. “Actually, I am not really good in my studies. After finishing, my 10th standard, I told my mom that I don’t want to continue studying further as I have bigger plans to achieve in the sport. And years have passed and my college (DDU Gorakhpur University) supports me a lot,” she was quoted as saying on fistosports.com.

The 23-year-old took up judo to pass time but after 2017, whe she found a good coach in Yashpal Solanki, she started taking it seriously and worked very hard on her game. As a result, she is a silver medallist today at CWG.

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