Canadian Family Touring The World Before 3 Out Of 4 Children Go Blind

Sebastien Pelletier, Edith Lemay and their kids Mia, Colin, Laurent and Leo.

In order to ensure that their children have a wealth of visual memories before losing their vision due to a rare condition, a Canadian couple is travelling the world with their children to let them experience breath-taking sights. CNN reports that three of Sebastien Pelletier and Edith Lemay’s children, aged 12, 7, and 5, have Retinitis Pigmentosa. It is an uncommon eye condition that causes the retina’s cells to progressively degenerate, impairing vision.

According to Lemay, there is currently no cure for the condition. She further said that by middle age, the kids might go entirely blind.

One expert advised the couple to keep the kids busy with visual memories. They came to the conclusion that travelling the world would be the best course of action.

“With the diagnosis, we have urgency,” Sebastien said. 

“There’s great things to do at home, but there’s nothing better than travelling. Not only the scenery but also the different cultures and people,” he added.

The family wants to spend another six months travelling the world before they return to their home in Quebec.

The family travelled through eastern Canada in July 2021. They launched their global tour in Namibia in March 2022.

They later travelled from Mongolia to Indonesia, and the children had a list of things they want to do like ride horses and sip juice while sitting on a camel.

Through frequent postings on Facebook and Instagram, they keep their friends and followers informed about their travels.

“This trip has opened our eyes to a lot of other things, and we really want to enjoy what we have and the people that are around us,” said Sebastien.

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