Actor Dev Patel Breaks Up Knife Fight Outside Convenience Store In Australia

Dev Patel’s spokesperson said the actor “acted on his natural instinct”.

Actor Dev Patel risked his life trying to break up a knife fight between a man and a woman in his home city of Adelaide, Australia, The Telegraph reported. The incident took place as Mr Patel and his friends entered a convenience store during a night out on August 1, the outlet further said. The man and the woman were fighting on the street and came close to the store when the man was stabbed in the chest. A spokesperson of the actor said Mr Patel “acted on his natural instinct”.

“The group was thankfully successful in doing so and they remained on site to ensure that the police and eventually the ambulance arrived,” the spokesperson told Australia’s 7News.

The injured man, 32, was taken to a local hospital, his injuries are not believed to be life-threatening.

The woman who was present at the scene was arrested later, The Telegraph said.

South Australian Police said they were called at around 8.45pm (local time), following reports of a man and a woman fighting on the street.

The BBC said that people present in the area tried to separate the duo but the woman stabbed the man in the chest.

Fans praised the actor on social media for intervening in a “risky” situation.

“Risking his life for a total stranger. That’s my boy,” a user said on Twitter. “Hope everyone involved is okay now,” said another.

However, the statement from Patel’s team emphasised that “there are no heroes in this situation and sadly this specific incident highlights a larger systemic issue of marginalized members of society not being treated with the dignity and respect they deserve”.

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